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July 1, 2014
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August 2, 2014
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Setting your Mirror

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Welcome readers to the second half of the year, it is not unusual that activities will begin to increase as we approach the end of the year and on the road in particular; we haven’t made it so far by chance but by conscious safe decisions, a lot has happened from the beginning of the year and much more would / will still happen.

This piece is to advice on mirror setting before we embark on our driving task and attitude we should maintain in the driving environment among those who might not share our views and could pose a great threaton the road. Setting/adjusting mirrors could be so basic a task, but it requires a lifesaving skill and discipline; ignoring this skill could spell a doom.

Mirrors, wherever they are fixed are to provide good vision and reduce blind area in the driving arena; hence it should be used for such purpose only.Mirrors should be set toview outside of the vehicle; less than a quarter view space on the mirror viewing the body of the vehicle, the more side of your vehicle you can see in the mirror, the more the blind spot you would have to contend with; thereby endangering yourself and other road users.

Some experts proposed a 90degree mirror setting (no viewing side of the vehicle) but usually not practicable as drivers are uncomfortable of theirviewing area; it more applicable to view a fraction of your vehicle (it informs the driver where the mirror is facing).

Lastly, align the rear view mirror to the rear wind shield creating an overlap with the side mirrors’ coverage so that vehicle from the rear moving to the sides can be viewed; having done all, avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot and give space to any vehicle in motion with folded mirror or broken mirrors you could become an easy target.