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Our Training Model and up to date training aids provides a holistic and adaptable approach to the core mechanics of driving, applicable anywhere in the world.
Apart from maintaining a robust training model for learners and practising drivers, we partner with Corporate Organisations and reputable individuals to create road safety awareness in the community.

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Our Services

At Steerite driving school our services are as follows

  • Beginners Driving Course
  • Advanced Driving Course
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Evasive Driving
  • 4 x 4 Driving
  • Car hijacking Situation

Who we are

Steerite is a registered corporate institution, recognized by the Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) and Vehicle Inspection Office(VIO) of Lagos State. Steerite is also registered with the National Safety Council USA and an NSC accredited Training centre. A member of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in the United Kingdom (RoSPA).

Our 3 Dimensional Structured Training Module

If you have never driven before, or need to work on your car controls or you simply need a refresher course. Our well structured 3 Dimensional module will match your needs.

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A handful of our satisfied clients

Testimonials from satisfied customers

  • “It couldn’t have been better, I think its satisfactory enough.”

  • “I like the in-class training because it is the formative and precautionary stage of descent and confident driving.”

  • “The tutor was fantastic and always ready to help.”

  • “It’s very detailed and they listen to your complain and help correct them.”

  • “The manner of class presentation with standard equipment and the step by step tutoring of the in-car by friendly trainers, I have had no regrets coming to be trained to drive in Steerite.”

  • “Good tutors, very good temperament and good presentation.”

  • “Conducive environment and the instructors have good personalities that encourage the student to learn.”

  • “It’s a magic driving school.”

  • “I love the you conduct your training both theory and practical.”

  • “The instructors, they are indeed good. They make you feel at home.”

  • “The patience to teach and the friendliness.”

  • “I love the simulator program.”

  • “The instructors are very firm, but patient. There is also emphasis on following procedures and teaching in the right manner.”


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