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August 2, 2014
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October 28, 2014
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Driving left of centre 3

left cener1Welcome to August! We will beconcluding on our topic for July; driving left of centre, though it may not be a frequently used vocabulary on our road in this part of the world like the term “one way driving” which closely defines our topic;though this dangerous driving behaviour occurs often.

This behaviour is common with tri-cycle (popularly called Keke Napep), motor cycles, bicycles and commercial vehicles but has crept intosome private and corporate drivers; it is worst seeing it becoming a norm at some controlled intersections; what a habit we encourage!

Traffic safety is not about convenience for few but everyone and shouldn’t be compromised at any point; the chain is as strong as its weakest point. Apart from the violation of lanes as mentioned in last month edition, deliberate disobedience to traffic rules should be discouraged.

Indiscriminate u-turns at roundabouts instead of driving around the circle spite of sign prohibiting such can only put other road users at risk of head on collision, causing a major crash. Any driving that puts you off your path and /or on the path of an oncoming motorist should be discouraged no matter how comfortable you are with it, even when all appears okay.

Lane markings define vehicle position on the road in respect to other road users, restrictions, prohibitions and cautions while approaching intersection and junction; it makes a good safety sense to be familiar with these lines, see the Highway Code.

Line prohibits overtaking are represented with solid line (white or yellow) as against the familiar broken lines used as centre and lane lines; even they too come in different forms with varying information. Understanding lane markings can complement for your safety on the road.

Even at instances where lane markings are not in place or are no more visibleit would not be worse to resort to facing an oncoming traffic. Momentum is already built and still building as we approach end of the year, let us maintain a sense of vulnerability, watch out for motorist turning well in advance of their junction especially on highways not physically separated, vehicles taking short cuts, look well ahead enough and avoid distracted driving; you may be the person alert enough to avoid a head on collision.

When a vehicle faces you head on, do not to take to his lane but ride off to your right with foot off the accelerator; it is better to go for something soft or a side brush other than a head on collision. Don’t let off your guard, it is better to be defensive than banking on luck! Drive safe!