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February 1, 2014
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April 1, 2014
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Improper Speed 3

improper3Welcome to March, in this month edition I shall conclude on our topic: improper speed; it shall be revisited or referenced in the future. So much has been said that worth considering and applied as we engage in our daily driving task or over see those who do.

It is important for us to appreciate that element of stopping distance; perception, reaction and braking distance, depend on other factors within and outside our control: alertness, vehicle condition, type of vehicle, type and condition of road surface, speed thrill, impression management, distraction, poor visibility, aggression among others are contributing risk factors.


Battling this menace requires total focus; education and enforcement has yielded result in developed countries changing driver’s behaviour; often time, a road user whose action or in action leads to acrash may never be involved in the incident. We have to apply our defensive driving and hazard identification skills. Nothing happens without a trend; earlier detection could avert a supposedly fatal crash.


While it is appropriate to engage relevant Agency of Government to provide adequate posting of speed limit on our roads as a first line to speed regulation and road de-classification wherever necessary; especially in areas where dynamics of traffic and community activities has changed tremendously, highlight situational risk factor contributing to speed related collision and deploying suitable intervention.


It is our responsibility to drive courteously and cautiously by engaging the appropriate speed for the environment we find ourselves; especially when not familiar with such environment or vehicle at the moment. One of the traffic sign many are not conversant with is the minimum speed limit sign, avoid slow driving on high traffic moving area; someone may bump into your rear, if your vehicle is faulty, turn on the hazard lights. Hazard light is not meant for high moving convoy/diplomatic vehicles or vehicle going straight through an intersection.


Do not follow too closely, make sure your speed allows you to get the big picture within your space of driving, don’t race through traffic lights, watch for merging lanes, get into the correct lane for exiting a freeway well in advance; sudden lane change is dangerous, avoid distraction and watch out for vehicles that could be in your blind spot. All these tips would be helpful as we engage safe speed on the road.


Don’t forget that even driving the speed limit is dangerous; the road is not where we pedal for medal but one of the medium to our destination…till April, be safe and drive safely!