Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims 2013

Improper Speed
December 2, 2013
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Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims 2013

Global-Road-Technology-and-The-Decade-of-Action-This year commemoration of traffic victims has come and gone, it has left for us as an individual reason to imbibe safe behaviour as we use the roads at all time minding other users and look out for those we love, for organizations to show responsibility in protecting their human assets while the government enact laws, enforce and prosecute any act of lawlessness. Remembrance Day should go beyond just an event; it should indeed be to us among other days or events a time to reflect on our safety journey.

The incident on our road is sad; taking the bright ones, claiming the lives of the young ones, the future of our country; we have traded our conscience for the dividend of corruption such that basic facilities have become privileges as against necessity.  We owe ourselves the responsibility to safety, if we individually make such commitment; it is then we have begun the journey.

So much was highlighted during the safety symposium, issues we must address if we must reverse the ugly trend on our roads; some of the content of the presentation would be reinforced in subsequent edition. Appreciation goes to those who found time to be part of the event. This month, I would attempt to discuss “speeding”.

In several crashes that occur on our roads, they are majorly attributed to over speeding; even in instances where speed limit are not clearly defined or posted on such road. Speed has so long been left to motorist discretion and feeling; such as: how much speed thrill an individual is, how much risk can be accommodated, model, year and type of vehicle, ownership – is it a government vehicle or owed by an individual? Passenger and their state at a particular time (e.g. youth, peer pressure), poor journey management…this list can continue. These and many more influence speed.

Wherever our opinion swings, opportunity for a crash is often triggered by very “trivial” skill deficiency, unsafe behaviour and over confidence. Crash is no respecter of any of our opinion no matter how sincere we argue to justify it. I would prefer however not to discuss over speeding but improper speed.

Improper speed is better discussed than over speeding as it brings to mind the reality of the condition rather than the rules and also the relativity of the subject itself. It is a scientific fact that speeding leaves a lot to chances; lesser hazard we can identify, stopping distance is increased, crash avoidance is limited, preventable crashes become rampant, crash severity would be high and survival scarce.

…when you speed like a lightning know that you can crash like a thunder!